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I am Taija


Producer based in Oulu

Taija Jyrkäs is a producer and curator for visual and performing arts based in Oulu, Finland. Currently she works as a producer at the Northern Photographic Centre. The mission of the photographic centre is to promote and develop photographic art and culture in the region of Oulu, Kainuu and Lapland and Baltic. The centre organizes exhibitions of Finnish and international photographic art and coordinates photography workshops, seminars and coordinates Nothern Photographic Network. Jyrkäs is an active member of Culture association Kulttuuribingo and National Artist association Muu. She also leads the public art program at The North Ostrobotnia Regional Fund.  The North Ostrobothnia Regional Fund is one of the Finnish Cultural Foundation’s 17 regional funds.


As a member of Culture Association Kulttuuribingo and Northern Underground Art Network NUAN65° she has been building connections to artists and artist run organizations around Nordic Countries and Russia. She is coordinating Art Vehicles immersive bus tours to Art Festivals organized in Northern parts of Sweden and Norway and North West Russia. Art Vehicles Art journeys gather together artists of visual, performing and sound art and take them to a journey together with the audience and take them to Art Festivals in periphery.


Her passion is to bring the audience near to the artists.

Photo: Emilia Ponkala

Current Projects

Working with amazing More-than-Planet project at Northern Photocraphic Centre

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